The One Growth Method That The Industry Refuses to Teach… Until Now

It’s no secret: Bundles are taking over the world.
But, do they really work? How much profit are we talking?!

I'll take you behind the scenes of my wildly profitable paid bundle launch and finally reveal how it went — numbers, profit, successes, failures, and everything in between. And yes, I'll also share how you can join Bundle Formula.

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In this free debrief + infosession, I’ll reveal:

3 ways I tried to scale my digital product biz that didn't work and the 1 thing that in an amazing way (that shocked me)

The “shoulds” and “should NOTs” that will help you determine if hosting a paid bundle is worth your time and effort

The inner workings of my step-by-step method for hosting a wildly profitable bundle (every tool, template and tutorial included)

Meet your host

I’m Dama Jue of Details to Dama and Thrivecart Template Shop.

I hosted a (spoiler alert) fabulously popular and profitable paid bundle, The Lazy Funnel Bundle.

But when I started to create my bundle,  I found that there were zero (and I mean zero) resources or programs out there teaching the in-depth method with templates, tech trainings, strategy and how-tos.


Good thing I’ve produced plenty of summits… And built all sorts of funnels that have brought in multiple six figures, personally creating every word of copy, every design detail, and every bit of tech, so I know my way around wildly profitable collaborative special events.

And the results?! Well you'll have to join me to find out…

Join me to go behind the scenes of my launch as I unpack every success, failure, and number – so you don't have to.

Grow your revenue, strategic relationships, and your email list (with the highest quality leads I've ever gotten) in 90 days with your own paid bundle

What folks are saying about Bundle Formula

I had NO hesitations diving in because I love everything that Dama does. I loved the way Dama showed up for her contributors.

Hers was the best bundle I've been in BY FAR and I knew Dama would be the perfect person to learn how to host a bundle from.

I would recommend anyone who is trying to build a name in their industry because the money is good but if you treat your contributors well, you've literally just gained LOYAL partners that you can collaborate with in the future.


I am a month away from launching my bundle and have blown my contributor goals out of the water with 47 people confirmed. The website is up, contributors are rolling in, my automations are BALLER, and I feel completely calm and supported.

Dama has literally thought of everything and laid it ALL out for me inside Bundle Formula. I actually think this should be a $5k program.

If your audience + network are perfectly poised to participate in something like this, then this is a complete no-brainer investment. It will pay you back in spades (and dollars) There is NO doubt.


Everyone who is even thinking about running a bundle should join Bundle Formula, even if you've run a successful bundle in the past.

This was my second time running a bundle, and it blew my first one out of the water. I more than doubled my results from my last bundle I did since joining the program!

Everything you would ever need is included in this program, even the things you didn't know you needed.


B-Form is the gold standard, top-level, absolute best bundle system there is out there. Dama's tech support is so great. Loved the swipes, tutorials, and clear instructions. And encouragement, which every bundle host needs.

I created awesome graphics, social media captions, email swipes and an epic sales page with the help of B-Form templates AND systematized customer support using your ticket system.


Drop your name + email below to hear how to join Bundle Formula and unlock free access to the behind the scenes of my own bundle:

Bundles are taking over the world.

Curious what it’s really like to host a paid digital product bundle?
Is it actually worth doing?

Join me as I take you behind the scenes of my paid bundle launch and hear how it really went, numbers, profit, and unexpected plot twists and all.

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