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Because not knowing how to design beautiful, conversion-optimized sales and checkout pages from scratch – or being too overwhelmed trying to create your affiliate program in Thrivecart on your own – doesn't have to stop you from creating the biz (and products!) that light you up

Tech shouldn’t be the thing that holds you back from fattening your (digital) pocket with more sales + passive income.

So if the word “funnel” gives you the tech-sweats, well lovely, I've got you 🙌

That’s where I slide in with my MacBook (I call him Giancarlo) and Sour Patch Watermelon candy in hand, ready to make your leads-and-sales-on-repeat dreams come true.


I'm Dama!

Following the crowd was *never* my thing…

When everyone else was signing mortgages and having babies, my husband and I decided to say byeeee to our corporate jobs, sell our stuff, and move to Central America to volunteer.


It turned out to be the best decision we ever made.


As we volunteered and became part of the community, we were surrounded by amazing, hardworking people where absolutely EVERYONE had a side hustle.

Homemade tamales? Sell you mangoes from my uncle’s tree? Sew you a skirt? NO PROBLEM.

Now I could probably say something straight from a Hallmark movie like this experience inspired me to launch Details to Dama, but the honest-to-goodness truth is that I started my business as a means to make ends meet so that I could continue volunteering.

But did it stop there? Not even close, bud.


Within a year or so of starting my business, I’d become a certified funnel pro and could clearly see ways to help my clients create + sell their digital products.


Eventually I started to feel that “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” feeling watching literally everyone but me create digital products and I KNEW it was time to step up and start creating + selling my own offers.

In fact, I was sitting on a goldmine of a product idea (sneak a peek at her here) that just needed a little time to shine.

It took me a full YEAR to finally take action on that brilliant biz idea and fully step into my full-time digital product creator era, but when I did…

Well, let's just say I'm flippin' glad I did it!

With a $70K bundle launch and consistent 5-figure months from my digital templates + courses later, a shop full of “the best Thrivecart templates on the internet,” and a signature program teaching the absolute gold standard for hosting a profitable digital product bundle, I am SO glad I finally took the leap and started creating.

As an experienced funnel builder, I made it my mission to really understand the best funnel  software + tech out there and now I teach brilliant folks like you (hiii! glad you're here!) how to seamlessly blend funnel + marketing strategy and the tech how-to's to make it all work.

And I've condensed it all for you here so I can have your back as

YOU step into YOUR full-time digital product creator era 🙌

Let’s just say this meeting point between tech and strategy is kind of my secret sauce. 

You have to be strategic about your tech, and your tech should serve your strategy.


So if you’ve been twiddling your thumbs, fingers-crossed that no one comes out with YOUR idea before you get to launch it, you owe it to yourself to listen to your biz gut, take the help when it comes to your funnel tech, and grab a template AND GO.


I’m obsessed with equipping  biz owners just like you crush those dreamy revenue goals without having to work 24/7 on your business with the help of clever marketing automations, conversion-optimized, built-to-sell funnels, and gorgeous templates to shine the best light on your digital products.

Here are 3 quick things about me you need to know:


I started my online business in 2019 while volunteering in Central America for a year. I still volunteer 3 times a week and it is my truest, deepest source of joy. I volunteered in a kitchen the other day with my mama and we made 21 dozen cookies together (yes, 21 dozen… that’s over 250 fresh made-from-scratch) cookies. Having freedom to volunteer whenever I want is 100% WHY I have an online business.


Accessibility matters. In 2013, my sister suffered a traumatic brain injury. I’ll admit I never gave much thought to accessibility before… but ever since then, I’ve come to truly appreciate closed captioning, the importance of screen readers, and a million other things I naively took for granted. She’s doing fine, btw – but accessibility continues to matter to me. I may not be flawless at it and its always a work in progress, but I will ALWAYS keep trying.


I’ve lived in three countries (USA, Mexico, and the Netherlands) and speak three languages, English, Spanish and one other. I'm Mexican. It’s important to me that you know that because there are NOT a lot of Mexican bilingual funnel strategists in this online world and I’m proud to be one. ¿Me sigues el hilo, paisa? Entonces deberiamos juntarnos y colaborar, ¿no?

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